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Taxis, parking & car rental at Kinshasa Airport

The main entrance to Ndjili International Airport is on Airport South Road, which can be accessed by the exit Airport Junction from the A109 highway (Lubumbashi Road). Passengers can also travel to and from the airport via city Bus (route number 34), shuttle or taxi.

Several car parks are located around Ndjili airport terminals. Depending on your departure terminal, on the type of vehicle and on the parking duration you will choose the most suitable.

Taxis are available 24 hours a day at Kinshasa International Airport. They are recognizable by their sky blue and yellow color. Price must be negotiated with the driver before entering the vehicle. Kinshasa being a very extended city, the fare and the duration depend therefore on the destination and on the road traffic. The fare is between US$20 and US$50.
Shuttles and buses
There is a Transco bus stop at Ndjili Airport.
Minibus operated by hotels run between the airport and downtown Kinshasa. If you plan to stay in one of them, ask if a shuttle is offered to guests. Private services of fast and comfortable shuttles are also offered to travelers to reach different localities.

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Car rental companies
Several car rental companies offer their services in Congo. Some of them have an office in Kinshasa International airport where to pick-up your car 24h a day and others provide you with the car on your arrival.

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VIP service
Several companies offer VIP transport service at the airport at an unbeatable price. From the airport to your hotel or residence comfortable and air-conditioned limousines or minibus drive you safely through your journey. Bodyguards and interpreters are also proposed. These services are available on request.

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